Reasons Why Indian Food is Good for Your Health

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At the mere thought of Indian food your mouth waters and craves for the delicious food full of exotic flavours and colours. Though there is a misconception among many people that the food served by Indian restaurants is oily, spicy, heavy and not really good for your health. You might be surprised to know that Indian food is in fact very good for your health.

Indian food consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables and as you must very well know, vegetables and fruits should be included in your daily diet. The food is cooked in a way that none of the vegetables lose their health benefits and tastes way better than the product in its original form.

Another health benefit of Indian food is almost no usage of preservatives. All the ingredients used in the Indian cooking are fresh and at their purest form. When you cook the Indian food in an authentic manner you are helping in maintaining the nutrients of the ingredients used in the cooking process.

You must have heard of the term balanced diet. Well, a proper Indian meal has all the elements including proteins, carbohydrates, fats as well as fibres which are necessary for a balanced diet.

Various spices used in Indian food have great medicinal values. Spices including ginger, turmeric, green chillies as well as garlic, all have healing properties. Thus, the spicy Indian food that you eat does not only enhance the taste of the dish but is also very good for your body.

Yoghurt is very good for your body, Indian cooking also involves the usage of yoghurt. Eating yoghurt on a regular basis can help you in losing weight and also in some way protects you from diabetes as well as coronary heart diseases.

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