A Mouth-watering Awakening!

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The charm of Indian food can pack hundreds of flavours on a single platter. The spices, the aroma, the taste, all carry their own unique essence which cannot be found anywhere else. This is why there is always a chance to experiment, even in the established recipes for many Indian dishes. There is always a new hint or twist you can give, which could be your own signature to the dish.

Indian foods vary from lentils in many shades, to every vegetable imaginable, to red and white meats cooked in a variety of ways. There are at least three ways of cooking lentils known to every Indian from a very young age. It’s a staple diet and a favourite of Indian households. There are the very-easy-to-cook recipes and at the same time, the humble lentils take a royal form when various spices come together to create something that shocks your taste buds.

The same is the case with vegetables. Nothing is ever bland! Even a quick mashed potato sandwich has the potato cooked and mixed with various spices, giving your taste buds a treat and you a sense of fulfillment. Being a tropical country, India has a considerable variety when it comes to vegetables, making the vegetarian cuisine rich. The variety of ways to cook simple vegetables also shows a deep love for food, which can also be sensed in Indian restaurants around the world.

Although rich in vegetation, the country enjoys non-vegetarian food probably like no other. The fun part is the sheer variety that is available in all non-vegetarian foods. Chicken is probably the best example that can be quoted to you. It remains a favourite from the north to the southern-most tip of the sub-continent, unless of course the person is a staunch vegetarian. Even as a part of every day lunch, it’s usually consumed with a rich, mouth-watering gravy. Fried chicken is prepared by marinating it in a rich sauce, which is made of spices that will put your sense of smell and taste on high alert. Every bite will introduce your taste buds to a new flavour that you probably did not detect in your previous bite.

The diversity of the Indian culture can be tasted in its cuisine. Lentils with a little spices are cooked in the north, whereas in the south it becomes a part of a variety of vegetables cooked together. Like the country itself, the cuisine is also an amalgamation of spices known to mankind for hundreds of years. Try some, and treat yourself to a burst of flavours. The best Indian restaurants in London UK have caught this variety. But be warned, all those spices and flavours are not for the weak of stomach.
Relish the scrumptious Indian delights!

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