Why Indian Cuisine is So Famous in London?

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Indian cuisine is one of the top five contenders in the list of the world’s most popular ones. Among the cities of the west, Indian cuisine is widely popular in London. The variety of flavours that India has to offer is hardly found in any other cuisine. There are so many different types of food items from almost all parts of the country that a lifetime would not be enough to get a taste of all of these items.

There are several reasons as to why Indian cuisine is such a hit among the people of London:

  • Treat for Vegetarians: Indian cuisine has a variety of options to offer for the vegetarians. A large amount of lentils (commonly known as dal in India) and vegetables as well as spices and condiments are used while preparing the vegetarian food.
  • Food for Every Palate: Indian cuisine are available for every palate, for people who like their food bland as well as for the ones who like it spicy.
  • Use of Dairy Products: From dessert to beverages, dairy products are commonly used in Indian food items. Be it the mouth watering sweet lassi (a drink made with yoghurt) or the very famous paneer butter masala (cottage cheese and butter), Indian cuisine consists of dairy items in abundance.
  • Blend of varieties: Indian food is a blend of herbs, spices and vegetables, a combination quite rare to be found in any other cuisine.
  • Use of Spices: India, popularly known as the land of spices has the most number of spices used in its food items than any other cuisine. Mustard seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, red chillies, pepper and many more flavour enhancing spices make eating Indian food an amazing experience.

So, if you are in London and are bored of eating the same routine food, visit some of the most famous Indian restaurants in East London and experience the range of delicious food items that India has to offer.

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