Why Brick Lane is so Popular?

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London is a wonderful place to visit. It is such a historic city with so many things to see and do. One extremely popular area with tourists is Brick Lane in East London. The area is known for many things, including its night clubs, world famous graffiti and a number of ethnic restaurants-especially those of Bengali descent. If you love Indian food or curry you will find the best Indian restaurant in Brick Lane.

This area of London has become quite popular with students of art and fashion. It has become a large exhibition area for students enrolled in fine arts and fashion courses. There is outdoor entertainment and a market full of handmade goods and ethnic foods. Perhaps one of the biggest draws to Brick Lane is the variety of ethnic restaurants. Indian food is extremely popular in this area and some of the restaurants are world famous for their curry. Tourists will have no trouble finding an Indian restaurant in Brick Lane. The hard part will be to decide whether or not to try them all.

Brick Lane has also been the topic of several books and films. Many different aspects of life in this area have been portrayed, some in a negative fashion and others in a more positive light. The area is so popular that some people feel it has become too touristy, while others love the upbeat vibe of the neighbourhood. No matter what type of atmosphere you enjoy, most people feel the need to visit Brick Lane at least once while they are in London.

Between the culture, the shopping, the arts and the variety of ethnic dining most people are able to find something that they enjoy about the area. Different people like different things so it is up to each individual person to experience all that Brick Lane has to offer and decide whether or not it is their cup of tea.

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